3 Mets most likely to get traded today

Who will be the next to go in the Mets fire sale?

Washington Nationals v New York Mets
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After weeks of waiting, the MLB trade deadline has finally arrived. The New York Mets have already gotten off to a head start on the trades, shipping away Max Scherzer, David Robertson and Mark Canha days before the 6 pm deadline.

Now that the Mets have made it clear they are selling, rival teams have began calling more frequently for some of the Mets veterans for their playoff pushes. These three Mets in particular have been at the center of attention of trade talks, and have most likely played their last games in a Mets uniform this season.

The Mets are likely to trade away Justin Verlander, but only for a huge return

After trading away Max Scherzer, the entire MLB world turned their attention to what the Mets would do with Justin Verlander. After a rough start to the season, Verlander has been lights out in July and would be a fantastic addition to any playoff contender. However, the question still remains of if the Mets even want to trade him away.

Fans are divided on the issue, as this version of Verlander would greatly help the Mets return to the playoffs in 2024. While some fans might not want to move Verlander this deadline, the amount of interested teams and the potential prospects they would send over might be too tempting for the Mets to pass up on.

Teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers and Baltimore Orioles could offer the Mets a massive package around some of their top prospects for Verlander. The Mets would almost certainly want a top end pitching prospect in return, and those two teams farm systems fit the bill. Other teams such as the Houston Astros have been players as well, but their lack of a farm system makes their offer much less appealing.

Of course, there remains the issue of the no-trade clause, with Verlander having the final say on where he goes. If he does want to end up playing for a contender in 2023, he will most likely agree to be traded and find himself on a World Series contender by tonight.