Final free agent grade for the Max Scherzer signing

Los Angeles Dodgers v New York Mets
Los Angeles Dodgers v New York Mets / Al Bello/GettyImages

If you were still waiting to see if the New York Mets were going to be either buyers or sellers for this year's trading deadline, I think it is safe to say we have found our answer. After the team traded reliever David Robertson to the Miami Marlins, we knew the Mets front office may be making some changes. And one of those changes was just recently made on Saturday I'm not sure many saw coming.

That would be the Mets agreeing to trade veteran starter and Cy Young award winner, Max Scherzer to the Texas Rangers. His tenure with the Mets was a rocky one with a lot of highs and lows and maybe with a lot of what-ifs. So with his tenure in New York done, what is the free agent grade for Max Scherzer?

The Mets Max Scherzer free agent grade gets a 'C+'

When the Mets signed the eight-time all-star to a three-year, $133 million deal, many called it a franchise-altering deal and it was. You were bringing in a guy who's pitched in and won a World Series, is a multi-time Cy Young Award winner, and was just recently named to the All-MLB Second Team. But I think his tenure as a Met is one that was full of up and downs and a bit of a disappointing tenure with the team.

Look, I know he pitched well last season in his first year pitching to an ERA of 2.29 in 23 starts going 11-5, but when it mattered the most, especially towards the end of the season and heading into the postseason, Mad Max just wasn't his dominate self. In a game that could determine if the Mets could win the NL East, Scherzer struggled against the Atlanta Braves giving up four earned runs along with two home runs in a losing effort on October 1. And of course, Mets fans can't forget just his horrific outing in game one of the NL Wild Card series against the San Diego Padres giving up seven earned runs and a career-high four home runs.

As for this year, Scherzer did have some nice starts with the team that got many thinking the Mets would never move him, especially since he had one more year left on his contract. In fact, over his last eight starts, Scherzer has given up two runs or less in five of those outings and went six innings or more in seven of them. So for the most part this season, he was his normal self. But a 'C+' is a fair grade for the singing mainly because Scherzer has been so up and down in his outings, especially this year. Take for example his start against Boston on July 22 when he gave up four solo home runs. The start before that against the Dodgers on July 16, he only gave up a single hit. So it's fair to say he lacked consistency.

So, I think a 'C+' is a fair grade for the Mets signing of Scherzer. His tenure with the Mets was full of many highs and lows. We saw many memorable moments with him and some that we would for sure like to forget. I would say his overall tenure is one that many would think was a bit of a letdown with many thinking that he was the missing piece for a World Series title.