3 Mets players to remove from the block after the Max Scherzer trade

The Mets should remove these three players from the trade block.

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All bets are off for the New York Mets. In these final hours of Mets rumors floating around, the Max Scherzer trade has proven anything can happen.

Are the Mets going to dismantle further? One would think not. Players under team control for next year feel a bit safer, but who the heck really knows? The trade deadline got quiet before it went really loud. The possibility of Scherzer snuck up on us quickly and it was over before we knew it.

The Mets have some obvious pieces to trade right now. However, there are some others they need to hold onto. They should listen to offers for everyone but only to entertain themselves. These three Mets should be removed from the trade block.

1) NY Mets rumors: Remove Justin Verlander from the trade block

Trading Justin Verlander right now would feel like overkill. What kind of a haul back would the Mets receive? He’d definitely have a portion of his salary paid for by Steve Cohen, right? For a major prospect or two, is it worth it? It would be the best way for Cohen to spend money and set the team up for the future as long as the player(s) they get back actually turn into something.

The problem with trading Verlander is it puts the Mets into a closer state of rebuild. Verlander has been much better for the team of late. Starting over from scratch with this rotation would be a major mistake. Remove him and we have a rotation of Kodai Senga, Jose Quintana, and anyone’s guess next year.

Trading Verlander for a major prospect or two should only happen if the Mets have zero interest in competing next year. In which case, they need to shop Pete Alonso around, too. It would be completely anti-Cohen expectations for the Mets to make either move. Then again, trading Scherzer felt unprecedented as well.

You stick with Verlander because if Scherzer can be traded so can Verlander next year. JV can be the cornerstone of the rotation for the 2024 season alongside Senga and hopefully at least one more big arm.

Let the Los Angeles Dodgers make their best offer. Reject it with a smile. Free agency and trades won’t replace what he can offer.