12 worst Mets trades and free agent signings since Steve Cohen took over as majority owner

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The best transaction by the New York Mets, maybe ever, was when majority ownership changed from The Wilpons to Steve Cohen. No free agent or trade target has ever been more desired than the current owner of the team in Flushing.

Cohen’s reign has already been much different than it was in the past. He spends big, embraces the team’s history, and connects with the fans every chance he can. As far as owning the team goes, we couldn’t ask for much more. The culture around the franchise is fantastic.

Where the Mets have come up short is on the field. A big part of it are some misses in trades and free agent signings. Not even Cohen’s fat wallet could prevent these mistakes from happening. These are the ten worst Mets trades or free agent signings since Cohen took over as the owner, beginning with an honorable mention.

12) Worst NY Mets trade or free agent signing since Steve Cohen took over: Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander contracts

It’s not over yet but it’s hard to say much positive about the free agent signings of Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander considering their overall performance with the Mets. Scherzer did give us a fantastic 2022 season. However, with how poorly he has pitched in 2023, it’s looking like a potential bust. The same could be said about Verlander except this is his first year in New York and it’s not going well. 

Both players received similar contracts with record-breaking AAVs. Neither has been the star ace the Mets needed.

Eventually, we should know whether or not these two free agent signings move up (or down) the ladder. They’ll end up as two of the most important additions in franchise history or two of the biggest busts. Don’t stop crossing your fingers.

Consider this entry as more of a dishonorable mention. It ain’t over yet but it’s definitely trending toward one of the worst rather than the best.