3 players the Mets should sign while they wait around for the Yoshinobu Yamamoto decision

While waiting for the star, the Mets should add these three players.
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3) The Mets should sign their outfield upgrade, whoever it may be

Adam Duvall would be my personal choice, but let’s leave the door open for the Mets to sign any of the outfielders they want. Duvall would come cheaply enough. His ability to play center field, however, might be a little too close to what Brandon Nimmo will offer. In which case, is it really an outfield upgrade?

Previous Mets rumors of them looking into a deal with Michael A. Taylor should also have them considering Kevin Kiermaier and Harrison Bader. All three are gifted Gold Glove winners in center field who’d give the Mets run-saving defense at the position. Nimmo would move to left field where he’d undoubtedly look even better as a defensive player, too.

None of these outfielders would require the length of contract as some of the sluggers who play a corner spot. Kiermaier is the most expensive and justifiably so. He has the track record albeit with a lot of injuries in the past.

We can find pros and cons for each of these different center field options for the Mets to explore. What’s important is that the Mets land at least one of them. Do it now while the world is distracted wondering what uniform Yamamoto will wear.