The Mets roster doesn't have any room for rehabbing Tim Locastro once he returns

New York Mets v Oakland Athletics
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Outfielder Tim Locastro landed on the IL back in the middle of April and to replace him on the roster we were treated to an early promotion for Brett Baty. Baty has been everything and more we could’ve asked for. He has proven he should have been on the New York Mets roster from the very beginning of the season. He’s not going anywhere. Baty has been one of the team’s best hitters since arriving in Flushing.

Where does this leave Locastro; a limited player with no open roster spot?

The Mets may soon pay for having Tim Locastro on the Opening Day roster

The best way the Mets could’ve used Locastro was as a late season call up to do exactly what he did in early April but in September and maybe even October. His hot spring led to them fast-forwarding his placement with the team. He made the cut and right now we’re about to see one of the ramifications.

The Mets won’t nor should they DFA anyone on the MLB roster in favor of Locastro. Do they send Luis Guillorme to the minors to make room? That is one possibility, but it leaves open other problems. Maybe they skate by with Eduardo Escobar at shortstop if needed. Francisco Lindor is as true of an everyday player as you’ll find so the need for a capable backup at the position isn’t so necessary.

Locastro remains a fit for the Mets based on what he can do. He’s the ideal pinch runner for Daniel Vogelbach in the seventh inning. He’s someone the team can shove out into left field in place of Mark Canha when they want to improve the defense. From what we’ve seen out of Starling Marte, the same may be true for him in right field.

The rehab assignment Locastro is currently on will not last forever. And even if they did clear a spot for him, his limitations at the plate will prevent them from making other moves as the season progresses. A phantom injury to Locastro or someone else is the only way out of this and that’s not a permanent solution.

Locastro may soon be headed toward the waiver wire. He’s out of minor league options and justifying a roster spot for him on a team with such little firepower at the plate is difficult.