3 Mets prospects that should be called up after the trade deadline

The Mets should have some roster spots to fill after August 1st, and it might be time to let the kids play
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2) Mike Vasil should get a chance in the Mets rotation if they decide to sell

Essentially every member of the Mets rotation outside of Kodai Senga has been the subject of trade rumors, and it remains likely that at least one of these pitchers will be on a new team shortly. While the Mets might play it safe and fill in the vacancy with someone like David Peterson, there are some up and coming prospects who deserve a shot as well.

Mike Vasil represents one of these players, as he has been pitching well while rising up through the minor leagues. Currently the Mets 8th ranked prospect, he was recently promoted to Triple A and stands as one of the limited top pitching prospects the team has.

Vasil has struggled since being assigned to Syracuse, with a 6.50 ERA through his first five starts. It would be smarter for the Mets to give him a few more starts at that level to get his confidence up before bringing him to their professional roster.

With Carlos Carrasco and now Jose Quintana being included in trade talks, the starting rotation will likely have some spots open for the last two months of the season. Vasil has shown some great promise, and should be in the running to get a few starts for the Mets in the late summer.