3 Mets prospects that should be called up after the trade deadline

The Mets should have some roster spots to fill after August 1st, and it might be time to let the kids play

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New York Mets fans have been clamoring all season for the team to continue with its youth movement. Francisco Alvarez and Brett Baty have been playing well and improving with every game, and fans are hopeful that some other prospects can get some experience and hopefully yield the same result.

If the Mets decide to sell at the trade deadline and ship away some of their older veterans, the post-deadline Mets would have a lot of opportunities for playing time. Mark Vientos was recently called up as well, and while it remains to be seen if he will receive playing time this stint, it does bode well for the future of the "baby Mets" at the pro level.

1) Ronny Mauricio is the first prospect the Mets should call up after the deadline

Ronny Mauricio's MLB debut has been long overdue, and he should finally get his chance this season to contribute at the major league level.

Mauricio has been demolishing Triple A pitching all season, hitting nearly .300 with 15 home runs for Syracuse. As the Mets current second ranked prospect, he has been a popular option to call up all season, especially with the Mets offense consistently struggling. He has a great combination of power and speed that if developed could really help the Mets in future seasons.

However, his path to the majors is a lot less clear than Alvarez or Baty. Being directly blocked by Francisco Lindor at shortstop means that Mauricio will have to continue playing in the outfield or DH if he wants to see consistent play time.

If the Mets sell some veterans, there will be a lot of openings in the lineup for Ronny Mauricio to finally get the call. It might hurt Buck Showalter to send in the lineup card, but a lineup with Mauricio, Alvarez, Baty and Mark Vientos becomes more possible with every game the Mets lose.