Mets prospect Ronny Mauricio is learning yet another new position

St Louis Cardinals v New York Mets
St Louis Cardinals v New York Mets / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

Ronny Mauricio has been touted as one of the best New York Mets prospects out there for several years only to immediately get blocked the moment Francisco Lindor signed his extension. What could the Mets do for the young shortstop? A position change was inevitable.

It wasn’t until this season when the Mets moved Mauricio to second base. Early results have included 6 errors in his first 133 chances. It might seem like a lot but he did have just as many in his 79 chances at shortstop.

Mauricio’s new position is a lot different from the two he has played. The Mets are giving him some reps in left field where his increasingly productive and powerful bat might be a suitable fit.

NY Mets prospect Ronny Mauricio learning new positions is the way to go

The Mets have tried this before with other prospects. Brett Baty and Mark Vientos, both regarded as poor defenders at third base, were nearly bumped off the hot corner when it looked like the Mets were going to sign Carlos Correa. The pair had been getting starts in left field last season with Vientos also seeing regular action at first base.

The shuffling of these prospects is nothing unusual. Center fielders will often move to a corner spot. Countless corner outfielders eventually land at first base. How often does an amateur catcher end up elsewhere?

In Mauricio’s case, left field seems to have the clearest path for regular playing time as early as next season. At the very least, turning him into another Jeff McNeil benefits the Mets greatly and opens up the possibility for carrying more limited players on the big league roster. Think, for instance, if the team were to have three catchers and how passable they could be with Mauricio and McNeil as regulars capable of covering just about every position to make up for it.

Mark Canha’s team option for next year will probably be declined and this latest change for the hottest Mets prospect yet to reach the majors could provide us the answer as to who replaces him. Following two straight minor league seasons of 20+ home runs and having already smashed 7 more this year plus another 23 doubles, Mauricio has hit his way into becoming an option at a traditionally powerful position. Let the experiment begin.