Mets prospect added in the Eduardo Escobar trade quietly underwent Tommy John Surgery

An under-the-radar Tommy John Surgery took out a Mets prospect for the rest of 2024.
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Because of the onslaught of media covering teams in New York City, it’s hard to release gas in an elevator without everyone knowing. Slipping under the radar until recently was the fact that one of the pitchers the New York Mets landed in the Eduardo Escobar trade already underwent Tommy John Surgery.

Coleman Crow fell all the way down to number 29 in MLB Pipeline’s latest updated top prospects list. He came to the Mets carrying a 1.88 ERA in 4 starts at the Double-A level for the Los Angeles Angels. He won’t be back until next year and because this is Tommy John Surgery, we should prepare for 2025 to be the year where he logs more significant innings.

NY Mets prospect undergoing Tommy John Surgery could explain why he was available

The Escobar trade did feel like the Mets were getting quite a lot for a player they had already moved on from. Crow and Landon Marcaeux had previously ranked much higher in the Mets’ system prior to this recent update. Marcauex has now dropped out of the top 30 altogether. He hasn’t had much luck at all since joining the Mets organization. The 23-year-old has dropped from Double-A to Rookie Ball, which we’ll have to hope is a chance to “reset” him.

Crow, 22, was already fighting for relevance with his back up against the wall. He was a 28th round draft pick by the Angels in 2019. MLB now stops after the 20th round. Billy Eppler knew him already while serving as the general manager of the Angels when he was drafted. We’ll have to expect the Mets knew already about the potential for Tommy John Surgery when they acquired him. They’ve been positively cautious with Kumar Rocker, Carlos Correa, and most likely others when it comes to injury concerns. 

Other than Sam Dykstra’s tweet and the updated information on MLB Pipeline, not much else is known right now about when the surgery took place. Crow came over from the Angels already injured. The good news is the recovery process has already begun.