2 Mets problems the fans saw coming, 1 we didn't expect to be so bad

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2) NY Mets problem that fans saw coming: The entire roster's age is showing

The Mets came into the season with one of the oldest rosters in Major League Baseball and rightfully so with the amount of veteran talent that is on a win-now roster. With the Mets' current struggles, you almost have to wonder if many of these players are currently regressing in performance due to age.

Many fans knew that Max Scherzer (38) and Justin Verlander (40) may have to be monitored carefully this season due to their age and injury history, but both have not performed up to par at this point in the season due to inconsistency and injuries. Both pitchers are the two highest-paid players in baseball and it leaves many fans wondering what their performance will look like come September.

The Mets have also seen significant regression in Starling Marte's performance as well as Mark Canha's. Eduardo Escobar's struggles have returned after a scorching September and October last season, which leaves Mets fans wondering why the front office took so long to mix their young top prospects into the starting lineup.

As the season continues it will be interesting to see if any of the veterans on this team can pick up their performance or if their performance continues to trend downward on a team that is going to approach a crossroads if things don't pick up shortly.