6 important Mets players who could be gone next year if they fail in 2024

Failure isn't an option for them.

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Failure isn’t an option for these New York Mets players in 2024. For a variety of reasons, being unsuccessful in the coming season could be the end of their tenure in Queens.

Exhausted minor league options are one of the primary reasons at play, however, a lack of vision as to what they can possibly offer is even more apparent as to why they could be gone.

In 2024, these six Mets begin the year with a role with the organization and some big questions they need to answer.

1) Brett Baty

Brett Baty may actually be the safest player on this list which is a surprise considering how poorly his career has gone after the home run in his first MLB plate appearance. Baty hasn’t hit. He has been even worse in the field than we could’ve imagined. Although he has two minor league options left which can allow the Mets to demote him and get Baty “right,” there comes a point where they’ll just need to move on.

Baty’s future is uncertain because of the mistrust in his defensive abilities. If he was hitting like a budding star, there might be an exception made.

The Mets have yet to move him away from third base during his time in the majors. In the minor leagues, he has played some left field. This doesn’t seem to make much sense with them prioritizing defense in center field. What’s more, with the rise of some other prospects who can play center field, Brandon Nimmo is the man who should start there.

What other possibilities are there for Baty? DH? First base if Pete Alonso leaves?

The Mets will have a call to make on Baty by the end of 2024. If he’s not at least a competent major league hitter, they might want to swap him in a trade. Be careful, though. Letting him spend some time in the majors as a bench player can have its benefits. First, he’ll need to show enough to prove he deserves the longer leash.