5 recent MLB All-Stars with forgettable stints with the Mets since 2018

How many of these guys did you forget?
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The stereotype about sports fans and their ability to sit around naming random players with friends couldn’t be truer. You can even play it like Solitaire. Start with A and go through the alphabet naming a player from your team whose name begins with the letter. Then find a B and so on. You can even jump to whatever letter the name ends with. This game has gotten me through many train rides without cell phone service. Challenge yourself by sticking to just New York Mets players.

There are an abundance of random Mets players throughout the team’s history as there are with any club. How many of them were actually former All-Stars?

Going back to 2018, these five players suited up for the Mets at one point with an All-Star selection on their resume. If you don’t remember them, you’re not alone.

1) Brian Dozier

Brian Dozier actually finished his career with the Mets. This seems to be the case often with players who were at one time an All-Star. They come to Queens to wait out their eventual retirement before moving to Florida or Arizona. He’s forgettable for a couple of reasons.

Dozier appeared in only 7 games for the Mets. Going 2 for 15 made him immediately forgettable. The fact that he suited up for the blue and orange in 2020, a season where much of what happened has been lost, doesn’t help matters much either. He was released by the Mets in August of the shortened season and his MLB career was over.

Dozier had a couple of big years long before joining the Mets. His 2016 season was noteworthy for a barrage of second-half home runs which would eventually land him at 42 for the year. However, it was the year prior in 2015 when he represented the Minnesota Twins in the All-Star Game.