Predicting 3 Mets who will survive the trade deadline but won't be back next season

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2) Daniel Vogelbach will likely be on a new team next season once his contract runs out

The only remaining player from a horrific 2022 trade deadline, Daniel Vogelbach was projected to be a platoon bat that wouldn't be an everyday starter. Instead, he has been a regular fixture in the lineup, much to the dismay of Mets fans worldwide.

Vogelbach's .226 batting average as the primary DH has been a major source of the offensive struggles for the Mets. With only 14 extra base hits on the season, he hardly hits for power despite his lack of speed. Buck Showalter has also loved putting him in the 5th spot in the order, allowing pitchers to go at Pete Alonso a bit more aggressively due to Vogelbach's minimal threat behind him.

It's unlikely Vogelbach gets traded given Showalter's soft spot for him, and even if he was traded, his value is significantly lower than it was when they aquired him last season. The Mets could only dream of obtaining a pitcher like Colin Holderman for Vogelbach at this point of the season, meaning that fans are likely stuck watching him hit 5th for another couple months.

Fortunately, his time in New York is likely soon up. Vogelbach hits free agency in 2024, and the Mets should have much higher sights than him as a left handed power hitter. While I'm sure Buck Showalter will move mountains to keep Vogelbach and his .223 average in the lineup, the Mets should not get absolved into the sunk cost and upgrade in the offseason.