3 Mets pitching prospects they may have struck gold within the fifth round or later

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The New York Mets have not been recognized as an organization that has been able to promote talent within its farm system. The team has had to search for players through free agencies and the trade market because its internal talent has not been able to reach the expected level.

However, little by little, the organization's farm system has been improving, now more with the incorporation of the top prospects that the team acquired in the trade deadline. Despite this, pitching talent has been limited within the Mets, although three of them have shown that the team knows how to identify good talent in a cost/benefit ratio.

From eighth-round pick to top pitcher in the Mets' farm system

Mike Vasil could have been a first-round pick out of high school in the 2018 draft, but Vasil opted to continue with his commitment to the University of Virginia. After that, he suffered an arm injury and later showed inconsistencies in the following seasons of college baseball that made him drop to the eighth round of the 2021 draft, where he was selected by the Mets.

Vasil was ranked No. 111 in the top 250 MLB Pipeline prospects ahead of the 2021 draft. For MLB Pipeline, due to the inconsistencies shown, Vasil was not projected as a frontline starter but had a ceiling of being a No. 4 rotation pitcher or No. 5.

The experts were higher on Vasil than the teams since despite being ranked in that position, he was not taken until pick No. 232. Something that the young pitcher took as an opportunity since he had thought that his chance to play baseball with professional players was in short supply as the draft progressed.

Vasil began to develop in the Mets' system but never as a top prospect until this season. His stint at Double-A was stellar displaying elite command and control thanks to a good speed and high spin four-seam fastball that travels 95 mph that works well alongside his upper-80s cutter-ish and mid-80s curveball, all projected above MLB average.

This performance earned him a promotion to Triple-A where he started with problems but has begun to show great results. Vasil still does have to work on his change-up to establish himself as a frontline starter, but he has the stuff to go to MLB.

The Mets' scouting team saw a great opportunity in drafting Vasil so far back in the round. The young pitcher could be competing in the upcoming spring training for a potential fifth seed in the Mets' next rotation.