Mets' record still matters, but not in the way we expected

Washington Nationals v New York Mets
Washington Nationals v New York Mets / Adam Hunger/GettyImages

The New York Mets are out of contention for a postseason spot. After winning 101 games last season, the team is among the worst records this 2023.

Due to their poor performance, the front office held a fire sale that included their two aces to rebuild the organization's farm system. However, even though the goal was not met, the rest of this season's calendar represents an important aspect for the team for one goal in particular.

The Mets can secure a top pick in the next draft if they continue as they are

The Mets' schedule and record don't seem to be a motivational issue. Seeing the team get swept by the Kansas City Royals perfectly sums up the remainder of the season.

However, one aspect to consider that complements the actions of the trade deadline is to achieve a good selection in the next draft, to continue to add value to the farm system. But, the Mets would still be penalized in their drafts for exceeding the luxury tax threshold by more than $40 million for the second straight season.

According to the 2022-26 collective bargaining agreement, clubs that are $40 million, or more, above the threshold shall have their highest selection in the next draft moved back ten places. This is something that happened this year, where the Mets couldn't select their first pick until the No. 32 pick.

But this rule has an important exception. This penalty would apply to the first pick that is not located in the first six positions of the draft. In this case, the team will have its second-highest selection (either a compensation draft pick or the second draft pick) moved back ten places instead.

The Mets currently sit a few games behind the league's sixth-worst record, the St. Louis Cardinals, which would secure them a no-penalty pick high enough to sign a future MLB star. This is an objective that, although it does not feel satisfactory, has an important organizational impact.

In any case, if the team continues the path of losing games it has been up to now, even not following that sixth pick, it could get a position within the top 20 of the next draft even after the penalty is applied. With this selection, the Mets can continue to build toward the future while continuing to invest in the FA for talent that allows them to remain competitive.