1 Mets player who should get a chance to start

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The New York Mets just have no luck at all when it comes to injuries.  Especially when it comes to their pitching staff. The Mets are still waiting for Justin Verlander to make his Mets debut. Verlander has been dealing with a low-grade teres major strain.  Now the Mets have Carlos Carrasco out on the 15 day IL with right elbow inflammation.

The Mets can certainly use another starter. There are a few options they can go to in the minors if they want to call someone up. The one pitcher who could get a chance to start could be Joey Lucchesi.

The Mets should see what Joey Lucchesi can offer them as a starter

Lucchesi has pitched a few years in the majors, but he's never really found success as of yet. The 29 year old pitched a few years for the padres before getting traded to the Mets in 2021, where he pitched to a 1-4 record and 4.46 ERA in 11 games and ultimately would end up being out for the next year and a half due to Tommy John surgery. Now Lucchesi is with the Syracuse Mets to get himself back on track as he hasn't pitched in almost 2 seasons. So far he is off to a nice start. Lucchesi in his first 3 starts is 2-0 with a 2.30 ERA.

Lucchesi might not be the Mets first option to call up to be put in the starting rotation until Verlander and Carrasco get back; However, he does make sense as someone they could ride with until they get their two starters back. Lucchesi has pitched in the majors so he already has the experience even if it only was 4 seasons. Lucchesi is also having nice success in the minors so far to start the season as we highlighted earlier. Even if the Mets wanted to use Lucchesi as a long reliever they can do that as well.

It would be interesting to see how Lucchesi does if he is to be called up as he hasn’t pitched in the majors in two seasons. We will see if he is able to stay healthy, as well as if he has made any improvements to his pitching or changed his pitching style in any way. If he pitches well for the time he's up here, maybe the Mets will keep him up the rest of the season. They can use Lucchesi as a starter, long reliever, opener; they have many different ways to utilize Lucchesi.

The Mets have a few options they can go with, but Lucchesi will most likely be the one who gets a chance to start with the Mets. The experience of being in the league gives him the best chance at being able to get a start again for the Mets in the future. We will see who the Mets decide to go with or what they decide to do now that Verlander and Carrasco are out. It will be an interesting couple of days to see what moves the Mets make.

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