3 Mets news stories we hope to see this summer, 2 disastrous ones they can skip

New York Mets v Detroit Tigers - Game Two
New York Mets v Detroit Tigers - Game Two / Duane Burleson/GettyImages
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We can’t get away with wearing the same clothes every day any longer. Summer has arrived which means the pressure is on the New York Mets to perform even if the fans haven’t changed their underwear from the previous day.

Whether or not you’ve got pit stains already, you’ve probably observed the Mets break your heart one afternoon and win you over the next. Thus is the life of a baseball fan. You go on 162 dates every year. Not all of them go as planned.

Summer has now officially arrived and it’s these three Mets news stories we hope to see unfold. Meanwhile, these other two are ones we’ll go into crisis mode if they happen.

NY Mets news story we hope to see: Francisco Alvarez saving the season

Can one beastly rookie save the Mets season? At the very least, watching Francisco Alvarez play will keep us entertained even if the standings involve a lot of craning of our necks upward.

Alvarez has gotten off to the kind of start we’re not used to. Coming from a catcher, a position the Mets haven’t had many answers at for well over a decade, makes it even better. The hype is real with Alvarez. The summer Mets news story we hope to see involved the kid mashing his way toward Rookie of the Year honors and leaving no teammates on base.

The Mets have yet to determine fully whether or not this will be a winning or losing campaign. They’re doing their best for the latter, which would unfortunately spoil even a monster year from Alvarez.

Fans love the homegrown, big hype prospect becoming a leader. Alvarez doesn’t need to be a locker room voice. The leading he can do is on the field at the plate and behind it.