1 most overpaid, 1 most underwhelming, and 1 most incomprehensible Mets player

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves
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Overpaid. Underwhelming. Incomprehensible. Those three adjectives do a good job of summing up the New York Mets roster. The record-breaking sum of dollars paid to these players should have them flirting with a championship this year. Instead, as they fight to even get back to .500, fans are at a loss of what to expect from this ball club.

Most troubling might be how every single player on the roster has failed to reach expectations. Times are tough for the Amazins right now. Optimism is at a low.

So who is the most overpaid, who is the most underwhelming, and which guy is the most incomprehensible player on the team? We’re throwing out some negative descriptions because to feel anything other than bad about the state of this team feels like a lie.

NY Mets roster: 1 most overpaid player, Justin Verlander

You could have a whole lot of candidates here. Justin Verlander, however, gets the nod as the most overpaid on the roster. He hasn’t been anything close to what the Mets needed him to be. The mercenary of all mercenaries so much so that Dolph Lundgren would play him in a movie if this was 35 years ago, he hasn’t been worth even a fraction of his record-tying contract. At least Max Scherzer was terrific for the Mets in his first season and has been far better than Verlander.

The $43.3 million he’s earning this year is impossible for him to earn at this point without a World Series victory at the tail end of the year. The thought that the Mets brought him here to help get them through the postseason is now a ridiculous notion. Just getting to the playoffs has become a challenge.

Verlander has pitched multiple stinkers. The tough-luck loser in a couple of his outings, the teams he has done well against were some of the lousier ball clubs in the league. The Toronto Blue Jays are easily the best club he deserved a victory against but zero run support spoiled that notion.

Verlander allowed two or fewer runs against the Detroit Tigers, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Guardians, and the Blue Jays. He has been rocked by the Tampa Bay Rays, Colorado Rockies at Coors Field, and Atlanta Braves. 

Through 7 starts, Verlander is 2-3 with a 4.85 ERA. It hasn’t been a pretty beginning to his tenure with the Mets.