1 fair and 1 unfair critique of Francisco Lindor

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

It was a rough weekend for the New York Mets as they were swept at home by the Toronto Blue Jays as they fall back to right at .500 on the season. The Mets have been a very up and down type team since May and there have been many players on this team who have struggled that have not helped the team at all.

One of those players is shortstop Francisco Lindor. Lindor has had a very unique type of season with his batting average so low, he is still in the top four in the National League in driving in runs. But still, it has not been a start to the season Lindor had in mine. He was hearing many boos at Citi Field in the Mets past series and at some points, he deserved some of that criticism but at times may be a bit unfair. So what is the one fair critique Lindor should be getting but one that maybe is unfair for him to be getting?

1 fair critique for the Mets shortstop: high strikeout rate

Lindor has been striking out at a high rate this season which is fair for Mets fans to be upset about. In fact in the Mets past series against the Blue Jays, Lindor was only able to compile one base bit and strikeout eight times with him getting the hat trick in back to back games in the seires as well.

Lindor has now struck out 61 times this season and after only striking out 133 times in 161 games he played in 2022, he is on pace to exceed that number. This is a fair critique that the Mets $341 million shortstop should be getting. He was brought in to produce and help this team win ball games and as of late, he has done the exact opposite. He's been chasing pitches way outside of the strike zone and at some points during his at-bats, has looked silly swinging at terrible pitches. This is something Lindor must fix if he wishes to turn his season around.

1 unfair critique for the Mets shortstop: Lindor's batting average

Yes, Lindor's batting average is at .213 and that normally mean's he is not having a great season but he's still getting his base hits and is producing runs for the Mets. In fact, with his 40 RBI on the season, that is good for fifth in the National League.

So if you're a Mets fan and you're judging Lindor simply by his batting average, you may be judging too much as he is still helping the Mets score runs despite the slump he is currently in. Lindor's luck will eventually turn around and his batting average will climb as the season moves forward. A hitter should not be judged by just one stat and yes Lindor's batting average right now is one of the lowest of his career, that is something that Mets fans should not be critiquing Francisco Lindor about.