3 Mets who will be All-Stars, 3 who are deserving but will fall short

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1) Mets shortstop Fransico Lindor won't get an All-Star spot

It has been an interesting season for Francisco Lindor. He has been hitting his home runs in bunches as of late and driving in runs but just like last season, I think he will be snubbed of an All-Star appearance this season. He's had a good season so far don't get me wrong, but I think there would be a stat if it does not change that will have an impact on the voting. His batting average.

Right now his hitting in the mid .220's which will not blow anyone away, but he has more extra-base hits than singles. But that still does not matter as I think he will not get in. They're a ton of National League shortstops and infielders who are having great years in terms of batting average that will make Lindor overlooked. Players like Xander Bogaerts, Dansby Swanson and Orlando Arcia are all having much better seasons than Lindor in terms of their batting average which will make it hard for Lindor to get in I think.

Lastly, there are other infielders rather than shortstops that are having much better seasons than Lindor which will make it even more tougher for Lindor to be an All-Star. Second basemen Luis Arraez and Ozzie Albies have had really good years as well. The National League is full of talented infielders so it will be a tough challenge for Lindor to get in and I don't see it happening again this year for Lindor unfortunately.