Don’t declare doomsday after doubleheader disaster in Detroit

May 3, 2023; Detroit, Michigan, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher Max Scherzer (21) waits to be
May 3, 2023; Detroit, Michigan, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher Max Scherzer (21) waits to be / Lon Horwedel-USA TODAY Sports

Getting through the grind of a Wednesday is important to all of us. The New York Mets had a chance to help us out with a pair of games against the Detroit Tigers. In a week of doubleheaders, having the team’s hottest pitcher Joey Lucchesi start game one with Max Scherzer returning from a suspension for game two both against a struggling offensive club like the Tigers had many of us assuming they’d get at least one.

Any given weekday.

A blown lead late in game one after a rough start to the game cost the Mets the opener. As soon as they got behind in the nightcap, it was all over. Do we declare doomsday? Not quite.

The NY Mets are doing now what we’re used to seeing them do in September the last 2 seasons

These two losses felt like something we would’ve seen from the 2021 or 2022 Mets in August or September. This was last September’s ill-fated Chicago Cubs series. Remember when those lovable losers were less lovable and more just losers? They handled the Mets late in the season and that’s one of the reasons why a first-round bounce was what the Mets delivered.

Now hovering just a single game over .500 with another mystery appearance on the mound today, this one from Justin Verlander, it certainly feels low to wake up today as a Mets fan. Adam Ottavino blowing game one was bad. Seeing Scherzer return extremely well-rested and pitching a dud is a horse of a far more offensive color.

Rather than sink further into their dugout seats and hope no one notices them for the next couple of months, this is an opportunity for the Mets to wake up. It’s not just the pitching. Although the culprit in this one, the bats could’ve done them some favors in game two.

The return/debut of Verlander today is a reason to hold off on moving the clock another minute closer to midnight. Failure from him and for sure your Thursday night Twitter feed will be chaos. A gem and everything will go back to the way it was Wednesday morning before the Mets blew a flat tire in the Motor City.

Adversity has continually found the 2023 Mets. Hold off on heading for shelter. Doomsday hasn’t arrived yet. Let’s wait to see how they respond. Stay optimistic they’re getting the sluggish part of the season out of the way early.