The next 3 Mets prospects making a case for a promotion

Mar 20, 2023; West Palm Beach, Florida, USA;  New York Mets first baseman Mark Vientos (27) doubles
Mar 20, 2023; West Palm Beach, Florida, USA; New York Mets first baseman Mark Vientos (27) doubles / Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports
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The New York Mets acted quickly this year to promote several players to the MLB roster. Francisco Alvarez arrived out of need for a catcher. Brett Baty was called up to assist an offense that had trouble buffering.

The Mets aren’t done yet. They should be in need of a little more help throughout the season. Right now they could use a minor leaguer or two to help try to fix some weaknesses.

It’s these three players the Mets need to start thinking about calling up even for a short period of time to see what they can offer.

1) NY Mets prospect Mark Vientos is begging for a promotion

Nobody on the farm is more ready for regular MLB action than Mark Vientos. The slugging Mets prospect has continued to tear up the farm. There’s just one issue: where does he even play?

Rawlings apparently doesn’t make gloves capable of fitting Vientos’ hand. A former third baseman who gave left field a try who is now more of a first baseman is blocked at getting any regular MLB at-bats on this Mets team. It would take an injury or a major roster shift in order for the Mets to clear a spot for him.

The best place for Vientos would be to become the right-handed DH. The problems with this are obvious. You can’t have a roster with a left-handed DH and a right-handed one. Rosters are small enough. Wasting a pair on limited players is problematic.

In 107 plate appearances this year in Triple-A, Vientos is batting .367/.449/.733 with 9 doubles, 8 home runs, and 23 RBI. The monster start to the year is exactly what he needed to do to build a case for a big league promotion. There is little doubt he’ll be ready to swing a big stick whenever he does get the call.