A bounce-back start from David Peterson vs. the Padres goes a long way toward proving he belongs

New York Mets v Milwaukee Brewers
New York Mets v Milwaukee Brewers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

The New York Mets have an increasingly growing rivalry with the San Diego Padres. Meeting in last year’s playoffs was the start of it. Their continued pursuit of excellence and a massive payroll fueled it further.

The two clubs have a ton in common. Bob Melvin was even considered for the managerial role in Queens. They’ve swiped Seth Lugo up in free agency. They made sure Manny Machado wouldn’t get a paycheck from Steve Cohen this offseason.

A layered rivalry that’ll only grow as each organization continues to spend, the focus today falls on David Peterson. Following an unimpressive start against the Milwaukee Brewers, his outing against the Padres is his chance to prove he belongs in the rotation.

NY Mets starting pitcher David Peterson can prove he belongs by taking down the Padres

Peterson and fellow pitcher Tylor Megill are in a battle for the right to remain in the rotation in place of Jose Quintana. He’ll be out for a couple more months while Justin Verlander’s imminent return should have him back in the rotation before April is through.

Peterson and Megill have been in a battle against each other since spring of 2022. Megill won that battle and earned himself a start on Opening Day for the Mets. This year, it was Peterson’s effectiveness in the preseason which awarded him a spot in place of Quintana. Megill later joined him once Verlander went on the IL as well.

One of these guys will eventually land back in the minors. Meant to be starting pitching depth for the ball club, each early start they make will play a factor into the decision the team eventually needs to make.

We’ll get a good look at both pitchers this week against the Padres. Peterson goes first. Megill gets the next crack at them. Megill’s performance will be equally as important. He has only had the privilege of facing the Miami Marlins this year. He hasn’t had to deal with the might of the threatening Brewers bats like Peterson did in his weaker outing.

No matter how it goes, Peterson’s start on Tuesday comes with plenty of importance. It won’t finalize whether it’s him or Megill who stays when Verlander comes back.

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