3 way too early trade deadline additions the Mets will need to address

New York Mets v Miami Marlins
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The MLB trade deadline is something only baseball psychopaths like myself have already made plans around this year. It’s a good day for fans to take some PTO to follow all of the action. Call up your family or friends if you still have any to help around the house as you stay glued to Twitter hitting refresh only to be disappointed multiple times. The New York Mets should be active once again this summer. Make your plans now.

After a week and a half of the MLB season, it’s way too early to know exactly what the Mets are going to need. One pulled hamstring or a structurally damaged elbow can completely change things. However, we do know for sure it’s these three aisles Eppler will most likely need to shop in barring some kind of an inflated season in the best way possible from different Mets players.

1) NY Mets will need a high-leverage reliever 

This is an easy target to assume. Remove Edwin Diaz from the equation and the Mets bullpen feels so much different in a bad way. David Robertson might be able to handle the closer job all year. If he does, that’s great! It shouldn’t stop the Mets from searching for other relievers to help them in those late innings. After all, with Robertson’s promotion to the closer spot, they’re now missing a setup man.

There are certain relievers to watch this year fill in and make up for the loss. Even so, there are several relievers on the Mets roster right now who could be upgraded rather easily.

Relievers change uniforms plenty and the trade deadline is when they are typically active in the real estate market. Exactly how high the Mets go in their pursuit of relief help will depend on the performance and health of guys like Robertson, Adam Ottavino, Brooks Raley, and maybe even Drew Smith.

One of the biggest splashes the Mets look like they’ll need is in the bullpen. There may, however, be one bigger.