Harsh Adam Ottavino quote proves the players are self-aware of the stink

The Mets players feel the same way about themselves as the fans do

St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets
St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

One thing the 2023 New York Mets haven’t done is lack accountability. It seems like there is a maturity level with this club that isn’t always present. Ever since the tailspin began against the Toronto Blue Jays in early June, the vibe around the team has been a little different.

There is no denying of the struggles. Mets players, management, and others associated with the franchise aren’t in denial mode. And the latest quote from Adam Ottavino says it all.

The Mets know they stink and seem to have embraced the lack of deodorant

The National League East is a near impossibility for the Mets. The third wild card spot even feels a bit too distant to ever obtain. Instead of winning two out of three on a regular basis like they did last year, the Mets have found themselves losing two out of three and sometimes getting the broom taken to them for a sweep.

Ottavino didn’t call an emergency press conference like Steve Cohen did hours earlier before their latest loss to the Milwaukee Brewers. Ottavino’s quote came after another subpar outing from him. He has now allowed as many earned runs (15) as he did in all of last year in about half as many innings. He knows it’s not going well for him or his teammates. We can appreciate the honesty in knowing how self-aware he and his teammates seem to be about how troubling the year has been.

Any responsibility for playing as poorly as they have won’t get the Mets any bonus points in the standings or with the fans. It’s what we want to hear. Wear the Scarlet Letter in disgrace but wear it so everyone can see you’re true to who you really are.

This year’s Mets team hasn’t been full of excuses, possibly because there is no reasonable one they could sneak by the fans. They’ve been mostly healthy. It’s not as if the owner failed to spend money. Veterans and prospects have all gotten their chance to play regularly.

What’s frustrating about this is how much this feels like they’re playing for nothing yet making it seem as if they’ll continue to fight. If the Mets truly were ready to sell, Mark Vientos would be back on the MLB roster. They’d be giving big innings late to pitchers they think might be around next season. Jose Butto would have gotten another start more recently.

Instead, we have a bad but honest baseball team who all seem ready for the next chapter. Ottavino’s deathblow quote confirms it.