2 things going wrong, 2 going right for the Mets in 2023

New York Mets v Detroit Tigers
New York Mets v Detroit Tigers / Duane Burleson/GettyImages
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The New York Mets have had a much different start to the 2023 season than they had in 2022. Already they have faced more adversity this season than at any point last year. There have been numerous negatives but also some positives over the first month and change of the season.

NY Mets negatives: Max Scherzer has been bad

Max Scherzer has not looked right to start the 2023 season. He has not looked right going back to September of last year when he came up small vs the Atlanta Braves and in October against the San Diego Padres. Over his last 7 starts with the New York Mets Scherzer has a 5.72 ERA and has given up 12 home runs.

His velocity is down and his pitches don't seem to be sharp or have that extra pop we are used to seeing from Scherzer. He has dealt with injuries going back to last year, his side and back have been problems for him.

Scherzer's season got interruped thanks to his suspension for the use of sticky stuff on his pitching hand. Being forced to sit out 10 games may have hurt him in his first start back this week against the Tigers. It is hard to get into a ryhthm or stay sharp with that much of a break.

Max being unproductive has had a trickling effect on the rest of the Mets pitching staff, as the bullpen has been forced to pitch more innings than expected. Less Max and more middle relievers is not the formula the Mets were looking for.

At 39 years old some decline is to be expected but this has been drastic. At over $43 million a year the Mets are counting on Scherzer to be an ace like pitcher for them. The Mets need a healthy and productive Scherzer to compete for a World Series this year.