Mets Monday Morning GM: 3 ways Billy Eppler can redeem himself at the trade deadline

Billy Eppler can redeem himself for last year's trade deadline mistakes with any of these types of moves.
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Can New York Mets General Manager Billy Eppler redeem himself at this year’s trade deadline for last year’s follies? He’ll get his chance. Steve Cohen isn’t going to fire him in the next couple of weeks.

It was at the 2022 trade deadline when Eppler seemed to have most of his misfires. The Mets didn’t go hard enough at tackling their needs. The players they did add underachieved universally.

Eppler gets his second crack at wheeling and dealing for the Mets at the trade deadline in only a couple of weeks. He can redeem himself by accomplishing these three goals.

1) NY Mets GM Billy Eppler can redeem himself by trading Daniel Vogelbach for someone else’s Colin Holderman

Let’s call this the “Back to the Future” trade only because there is no better reference in media about time travel than the 1980s classic film about going to the past and going to the prom with your mom.

The Daniel Vogelbach trade from last summer was easily the best made by Eppler. At least Vogey was good for the Mets in 2022, right?

In a redemption arc, Eppler can swap Vogelbach for another team’s Colin Holderman. Maybe he’s named something else like Martin McFly. Some sort of a fringe major league reliever who has some promise and is expendable.

Chances are the Mets will have to get much less for Vogelbach. A 27-year-old in Double-A with some potential might be the best they can hope for. Anything would feel like a victory at this point. 

The Vogelbach era in New York has been something else. He went from fan favorite to a piece of scrap metal dangling from the bottom of the car.