4 Mets mistakes fans want to see David Stearns clean up

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The New York Mets have reached an agreement with David Stearns to be the team's new President of Baseball Operations. The news reported by Andy Martino kept everyone by surprise and is expected to be announced at the end of the season.

The contract signed by the former Milwaukee Brewers President of Baseball Operations would be for five seasons, giving the Mets the long-awaited head of baseball operations who is expected to transform the organization. In this sense, the expectation created around Stearns carries a hopeful sign so that the team does not continue making the same organizational mistakes of the past.

1) Under Stearns, the Mets will finally focus on developing pitchers

One of the areas of improvement in the Mets organization has been the development of pitchers. In recent decades, the team has had problems enhancing the talent of the arms of their farm system, something that has worsened over the years.

Since the Mets' long-awaited big five of pitching prospects, the organization has not been able to exploit its internal pitching talent. This has been seen with concern in recent years to the point of investing in the creation of a new pitching lab to emulate successful organizations in this regard.

The problem in the Mets organization has not just been with starting pitchers. The team has not been able to develop relief talent that allows them to be sustainable season after season.

David Stearns has been known for his focus on pitching and defense, developing starting pitchers through his pitching lab, such as Corbin Burnes and Brandon Woodruff, or elite relievers such as Josh Hader and Devin Williams. Under Stearns, technology has been driving the development of pitchers from the major leagues to the Brewers' complex in the Dominican Republic, creating a complete organizational system for improving their pitchers.

Through David Stearns, we can expect the Mets to incorporate more technology that helps develop the pitching talent necessary so they don't have to go to the free agency every season to spend the most money to be competitive. The future of pitching in the Mets organization has just changed drastically.