What the ideal Mets starting lineup should be with Ronny Mauricio in it

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The New York Mets begin the month of September with the anticipated debut of Ronny Mauricio. Mauricio finished his Triple-A season with a spectacular slash of .292/.346/.506/.852 with 23 home runs, 71 RBIs, and 24 stolen bases.

The debut of the Mets' No. 4 prospect represents a change in the team's lineup. In principle, it is believed that Mauricio would be covering second base since Brett Baty would also be with the team starting this month, but the ideal situation for the Mets team should be another.

Mauricio should hit at the bottom of the Mets lineup but in a change of position

Although Mauricio has hit well on the minor league circuit this season, his adaptation to MLB pitchers shouldn't be rushed. His hitting profile and low ability to get on base via walks suggest the Mets prospect should hit low in the lineup. However, one aspect that the team should look for and that has an impact on the mentality of the player to have less stress to hit is to be lined up in a more comfortable position on the field of play.

Mauricio didn't play the second base position in a defensively efficient way. This is because his physical composition prevents him from covering the position, in the best possible way.

Mets Lineup:

CF Brandon Nimmo
2B Jeff McNeil
SS Francisco Lindor
1B Pete Alonso
RF DJ Stewart
C Francisco Álvarez
LF Brett Baty
DH Mark Vientos
3B Ronny Mauricio

In this sense, the Mets should play Mauricio at third base, the most natural movement position for a shortstop of his height. In this case, Jeff McNeil could play second base, and Brett Baty could be the starting left field.

Baty has proven to be a liability at third base, and his speed and reaction hurt him in a demand position such as third. Similarly, in his short time in the minors, Baty has shown that he can cover the left field, and his arm allows him to offset any inability to hit hard connected drives.

In this way, the lineup would be made up more dynamically, and the defensive alignment would reduce the stress on Mauricio and McNeil in the need to concentrate more practice time to improve in a position that is not their natural. Baty should handle the left field without issues, and Mark Vientos could be the full-time DH.