Mike Francesca’s blunt Mets tweet sums up the season in its simplest way

St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets
St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

Radio legend Mike Francesca isn’t one to hold back about his sports feelings. After the New York Mets lost on Sunday to the St. Louis Cardinals, he fired off a non-poignant yet perfectly worded tweet to sum up how all of us are feeling.

That’s it. That’s the tweet. The Mets aren’t good. So bad it deserves a “double really” to fully express the pain it is to watch this team right now.

All that’s missing from Francesca’s tweet is the cherry on top to ensure everyone understands how truly terrible the team is right now.

The NY Mets deserve to get roasted after dropping two straight to the lowly Cardinals

A known fan of the New York Yankees, Francesca’s time at WFAN included plenty of roasts with the Mets on the grill. Sometimes he took things a little to the extreme. Right now, the Mets are asking for it.

Now 33-38, the Mets are in the bottom ten teams in MLB. They are, most notably, number one in terms of payroll. The money has been wasted on two “aces” who haven’t come close to living up to expectations. Then there are the veterans who are underperforming and playing out the final year of their contracts. Carlos Carrasco. Eduardo Escobar. Mark Canha. They’ve come up short.

Let’s not forget the guys who will stick around a little longer either. Adam Ottavino hasn’t been anything special out of the bullpen this year. Starling Marte is a singles hitter getting paid to be a star center fielder. Money was wasted on now backup catcher Omar Narvaez, a completely unnecessary contract extension for Tomas Nido, and picking up the option on Daniel Vogelbach.

The Mets aren’t getting hammered in a lot of their recent losses. Against the Atlanta Braves earlier this month, they had their opportunity to make up ground in the NL East. Instead, they turned into a Murphy bed and folded up into the wall. They’ve been demoralized ever since. The Mets haven’t won a series at all in June. Francesca could toss in an extra “really” to his tweet and remain accurate.

It won’t get easier for the Mets who play the Houston Astros, Philadelphia Phillies, Milwaukee Brewers, and San Francisco Giants to round out the month. Why does it feel like the Mets mostly play teams better than they are? It’s because most teams are.