Tight-lipped Mets shouldn't be as hesitant to let rumors leak if the fans will like them

Give the fans something more to be excited about.
Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets
Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

The New York Mets have been careful about leaks from the front office when it comes to serious interest in players. Since Steve Cohen has taken over, they've been much more tight-lipped with these things. Some rumors have leaked at times, but plenty of moves came unexpectedly with the Mets wearing a poker face the entire time.

From a fan's perspective, a lack of rumors makes for a boring offseason. It's understandable the Mets should be careful about revealing all of their cards. However, a few slips along the way with some positive news will help get the fans on board ahead of a season where there's a whole lot of unknown.

For the sake of excitement, let a little bit spill.

The Mets shouldn't be shy about sharing rumors to their benefit to get fans excited

It has been assumed under Cohen that the Mets would always be in on every major free agent. It wasn't until Max Scherzer talked after he was traded to the Texas Rangers when fans were first hit with the possibility of the organization resting on its goal of winning a championship in 2024. His words were somewhat twisted. The Mets will be active this winter. They may just take a slightly different approach.

Think less drunken sailor spending and more buzzed sailor paying for the next round to fit in.

Early on this offseason, rumors of the Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees having interest in a trade for San Diego Padres outfielder Juan Soto have circulated. The Mets have been left out of this conversation, but this could be by design. They are a match for Soto. If he becomes available, a phone call needs to happen.

Mets fans were gut-punched over the last few months. Although it may have worked out for the best, the decision to not sign Carlos Correa stung our perception of the starting lineup and the results that followed. The season itself offered plenty of grief with a still capable roster coming up way too short. Unsure of what lies ahead, juicy Mets rumors getting shared is one way to bring the fans back.

Mostly due to Scherzer's comments and an admission by the front office shortly after, excitement for next year was hit with a cold wet cloth or a warm dry one depending on your preference for which is worse. Were the Mets really going to relax in the offseason?

The lack of early rumors is nothing to be concerned about. The Mets already snagged one major addition, David Stearns. Their ongoing work right now is to find a manager and a general manager in one order or another. The offseason frenzy doesn’t truly begin until December anyway. November is the month for speculation.

But if the Mets want to be so kind as to let some of their interests slip, none of us will complain. Just make sure it’s the good kind of rumors. Let those reclamation projects catch us off guard.