Pete Alonso replacements: 1 weak, 1 logical, 1 dream scenario if the Mets trade their star

Is there an answer to replacing Pete Alonso?
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game Two
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Like it or not, Pete Alonso trade rumors are probably headlining the hot stove this winter in Queens. The New York Mets first baseman was shopped to some degree at this year's trade deadline. Ever since, most of the fans have gone to battle for why keeping him is a necessary endeavor.

What is there to say about Alonso that isn’t already abundantly clear? He’s talented and popular. Allegations of him being a toxic clubhouse presence had no foundation to it. He needs to stay put not only because of what he brings but also because the pool of realistic replacement options aren’t nearly as good.

Alonso has some shortcomings in his game while making up for much of it by being an absolute stud home run hitter. Finding a suitable replacement seems futile. Let’s take a look at a few of those realistic options.

Mark Vientos is the easy yet underwhelming replacement if the Mets trade Pete Alonso

Leaving a hole at first base does give the Mets a chance to provide Mark Vientos with some more realistic playing time. It’s a big risk. Vientos hasn’t shown enough at the major league level just yet to warrant any kind of faith that he can come close to replicating what Alonso does.

There are multiple problems with this type of move. Vientos immediately falls into the “he’s not the other guy” category. For an organization that has been so hesitant to make bold moves, trading Alonso and then putting a lot of faith in Vientos to become the everyday first baseman would catch us all off guard.

Yes, Vientos is a potential replacement for Alonso. He’s just not a very realistic one. If he remains with the ball club he should, no doubt, get the occasional start there. After all, Alonso may remain in 2024 and have an outrageous extension asking price. Having at least one fallback option is important for the Mets and this includes getting Vientos a little more playing time at first base.