The last 3 free agent depth additions the Mets should look into

There's no such thing as too much depth.
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Other than surprising us with a DH, there isn’t much else needed for the New York Mets roster. Things are tight. Elbow room is limited. The budget is bursting like it just finished an all-you-can-eat buffet trip following a Thanksgiving dinner.

What the Mets can still do is add to their depth. Aggressive throughout the offseason in this regard, these last three signings would be exceptional.

1) Brandon Woodruff

Brandon Woodruff has always made sense for the Mets from a couple of standpoints. His familiarity with David Stearns and vice versa. The fact he won’t pitch at all or most of this year gives them a secret weapon late in the season or at least one parked for 2025. Steve Cohen’s endless wealth would allow the Mets to add Woodruff without fear of it causing restrictions elsewhere.

The thought has been to sign Woodruff to a two-year contract where he’ll make a little money now and a big jump in 2025 on an option based on his health. It wouldn’t do the Mets too many favors in terms of avoiding the luxury tax given how it takes the AAV of deals. It would at least protect them in case Woodruff suffers a setback in his recovery.

Woodruff has been nothing short of excellent in his career. A 46-26 record and 3.10 ERA in through 680.1 innings in the majors, he has only been overlooked as one of the better pitchers because he shared a locker room with Corbin Burnes.

Quietly, Woodruff has been elite over the last four seasons which includes a total of 81 starts. A 30-20 record and 2.76 ERA plus a strikeout rate of 10.8 per 9 is hard to resist. We’d happily remain patient until he debuts for the Mets even if it takes until 2025 to happen.