Mets Monday Morning GM: 3 surprise moves David Stearns could make before Opening Day

Logical in their own way, it would still come as a surprise to see the Mets make any of these moves before the season begins.
Miami Marlins v New York Mets - Game One
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David Stearns surprised us all by following up the addition of Jake Diekman with the signing of Shintaro Fujinami. The New York Mets bullpen is now not only a lot more crowded but also vastly improved.

Those additions didn’t leave our jaws on the floor like some other Mets moves in the past have. It wasn’t a heartbreaking loss like the recent trade of Corbin Burnes is for Milwaukee Brewers fans. We aren’t left scratching our heads wondering if it was the right addition like many Atlanta Braves loyalists were probably feeling when the team added Chris Sale earlier this offseason.

The Mets have made several surprising moves themselves on a smaller scale. Could Stearns pull off another before Opening Day?

1) The Mets would surprise us by signing a DH

The louder we scream it, the more likely it might happen. The Mets had a need for a DH this offseason. What else is new? Since the DH was adopted by the National League full-time in 2022, the Mets have chased their own tail trying to get it right. It has been a weak point of the ball club for two seasons. They’ve passively watched and waited with a plan to have some combination of Mark Vientos, DJ Stewart, and Starling Marte handle the spot in the lineup. Will anyone’s asking price come down enough before Opening Day?

It would be a surprise for the Mets to see a suitable DH target’s price drop enough to the point where they do sign him. They need the dollars and cents to match the timeline. Wisely, they aren’t about to sign a DH for an extensive contract. Unless someone is willing to go short term and at a smaller cost, it doesn’t seem like we’re getting a new face.

But hey, what if someone does see their options dry up and the Mets come calling with the sweetest available deal? Spring training is coming up fast. Players want to know what city they’ll call home for 81 days a year. These aren’t chess pieces we can move around freely. Human beings are complicated and Stearns has been willing to wait to thus far on all of those complex pieces of bone and meat to sign anyone.