Mets banking on vintage Jeff McNeil this season

New York Mets vs New York Yankees
New York Mets vs New York Yankees / Paul Bereswill/GettyImages

The New York Mets have lost the will to trade Jeff McNeil. Thank. Goodness.

McNeil trade rumors were an ongoing news story throughout the MLB lockout. A surprising turn for one of the team’s low-salaried starters, more fuel was thrown on the speculation when many began to question if he could co-exist with Francisco Lindor on the same team, playing beside one another. Clearly, they can. They did it plenty after spotting that ratcoon.

The club now has a starting pitcher in Chris Bassitt to complete their rotation. The need to trade McNeil whatsoever is now gone outside of some absolute thievery from another ball club. The Mets will march on and hope for better results. They can now grab the wine bottle and hope there’s some vintage McNeil inside.

All signs point to Jeff McNeil as the Mets starting second baseman this year

McNeil’s Swiss army knife abilities won’t be put to the test nearly as much this coming season as they have been in the past. Second base is his. The outfield could get reacquainted with him at times. If it does, expect it to be because someone else is hurt or needs a day off.

Buck Showalter laid out the plans for this season, naming McNeil the starting second baseman.

We all know he can’t say much else. It’s the only logical direction to go. The new Mets skipper wouldn’t crush him. He can’t hint at other possibilities outside of the organization either.

Whether it’s Showalter’s true belief or not, the reason behind trading McNeil was in order to acquire that missing piece for the rotation. You don’t move him for prospects. You don’t swap him for a relief pitcher either. McNeil’s value is far greater than to dump him and leave your own ball club with a hole in the starting lineup.

The second baseman is getting a second chance to win back any doubters. A new manager. A new hitting coach. A brand new season. Hopefully, we get the old Jeff McNeil.

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