How are these 3 Mets free agent alternatives they skipped to sign Harrison Bader doing?

Is Harrison Bader outperforming his peers in 2024?
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2) Michael A. Taylor

The most direct comparison to Bader was free agent Michael A. Taylor whom the Mets did show rumored interest in. A low batting average guy who can win a Gold Glove, he stood out a little more because of the power he put on display in 2023 as a member of the Minnesota Twins. Taylor was coming off of a 21 home run campaign albeit just a .220/.278/.442 slash line. He’d end up with the Pittsburgh Pirates for $4 million. Once again, it’s looking like the Mets were right to go in a different direction.

Now 134 plate appearances into his season, Taylor is batting .208/.258/.267 with a single home run. He has driven in 9 and stolen 3 bases. Even at such a seemingly affordable rate, this would have been an unacceptable outcome if he was posting these kinds of numbers as a member of the Mets.

The offensive output is down, but Taylor has been an excellent defender as usual. It does little to satisfy. When your OBP and slugging percentage looks more like a batting average, you have problems.

There is no question the Mets were right to let Taylor linger on in free agency. The sudden surge in power last year probably had more to do with the ballpark he played in rather than an added skill to his arsenal. Having struck out in 35.8% of his plate appearances, Taylor is a K machine without the power to match.