Mets showing interest in Michael A. Taylor and Jung Hoo Lee, what about Adam Duvall?

The Mets are rumored to have interest in adding an outfielder, but Adam Duvall's name isn't coming up.
Sep 3, 2023; Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Boston Red Sox center fielder Adam Duvall (18) rounds the
Sep 3, 2023; Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Boston Red Sox center fielder Adam Duvall (18) rounds the / Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

New York Mets rumors over the last few days have given us a glimpse into what David Stearns has planned for this team. Two outfielders have been mentioned. Both Michael A. Taylor and Jung Hoo Lee have been reported targets of the Mets.

What makes this especially intriguing is the idea of adding a center fielder didn’t seem so top of mind for the Mets. Having just signed Brandon Nimmo last offseason to a lengthy and pricy contract, it seemed the team had the position locked up for at least a few more seasons.

A poor defensive season from Nimmo might have them thinking differently already. Previous rumors of them having interest in Manuel Margot through trade seems to have them locked in on a center field upgrade. So why haven’t we heard anything about Adam Duvall?

Adam Duvall’s defense might not be enough for what the Mets are looking to add

Duvall did win a Gold Glove back in 2021 but that came spending most of his time in the corner outfield positions. He hasn’t been a horrific defensive player at the position, but he does seem best-equipped to handle a corner spot much like Nimmo and even Starling Marte who originally appeared to at least contend for some innings at the position.

Where Duvall excels most is at the plate and usually with some underrated power. In the same year where he won a Gold Glove, Duvall led the National League with 113 RBI. It came, in large part, to the 38 home runs he had.

Duvall has quietly been a really good power hitter for years. The problem with him is that he sometimes disappears in other places. He doesn’t draw many walks nor will he avoid striking out. Last year’s .247/.303/.531 slash line for the Boston Red Sox was better than expected, but came in a year where he was injured for about half of it. Despite making only 353 trips to the plate, he did still hammer 21 home runs and drive in 58.

It doesn’t seem that Duvall is a choice for the Mets to make instead of Taylor or Lee. Rather, Duvall is an additional option for them. As a potential DH as well, he seems to fit in as a lower-cost option for New York.

Duvall’s injuries in 2022 caused him to settle on a one-year pact with the Red Sox last year at $7 million. At 35 and coming off of another season where he missed a lot of time, the market should look similar if not for maybe a little more money to adjust for inflation and how expensive something as plain as Saltines have gotten.