Mets hitters need to change their hitting approach for sustained success

New York Mets v Cincinnati Reds
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The New York Mets have been underperforming all season. The main reason for the Mets' recent debacle has been their offense.

Throughout the season, the Mets have been unable to produce on time and rank among the bottom in nearly every offensive category after ranking in the top five in the league in batting average in 2022. Among all stats, the team ranks in the bottom ten in the league in batting average with runners in scoring position.

The Mets need to change their approach if they want to cause a turnaround in their offense

The negative turnaround in the Mets' offense would seem like a mystery. A team whose roster is based on contact would expect the same or better results than last year, especially after the defensive shift ban.

The Mets' hitting has been horrendous in 2023. However, this is not due to a loss of power or contact but rather an excess of patience at the plate.

The Mets are a team with a great ability to reach base via walks. In this category, the team is ranked number six in the league. While this shows good plate discipline, this will always be a positive if it doesn't come at the cost of contact and run production.

The Mets' lineup has made a collective change at the plate. In 2023, the Queens team's lineup is swinging less on pitches inside the strike zone.

During 2022, the Mets were the 14th-most swinging team in the strike zone. This 2023, the team is in position number 27. This has led to an increase in its first-pitch strike percentage.

By making fewer swings, you are causing hitters to be falling short of the count each turn, creating a change in decisions. This may be generating worse results in the team's hitters.

While the team had a positive value against all types of pitches, especially the fastball, last year, this 2023, the situation has worsened. Except for the slider, the Mets are producing negative results for all types of pitches received.

Eric Chavez as hitting coach, needs to change the approach towards something more similar to 2022, where the team was more aggressive at the plate. With this roster's ability to put the ball in play now with the defensive edge on display in 2023, not being aggressive at the plate is costing them a lot of RBI opportunities and, therefore, a lot of wins.

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