Mets roster: 1 player to bench, 1 to demote, and 1 to call-up

New York Mets v Cincinnati Reds
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The New York Mets need to make some changes to their roster in search of achieving better results. One area that needs immediate attention is offense, where the team has been underperforming throughout the season.

The Mets have gone from being the top team in the league in batting average to ranking among the last places in the different offensive categories. This demands the team to make adjustments and changes to the roster and lineup that help bring about a positive turnaround in the offense.

One Mets player to bench: Mark Canha

The Mets' lineup needs productive hitters to help drive in runs. The team has been good at getting on base via walks but unable to produce at the right time.

Many players on the team's roster have been underperforming at their expected level but one of the ones that stands out the most is Mark Canha. The former Oakland Athletics player has had a drop in his offensive production.

Canha's strikeout propensity has increased as his hard-hit contact has decreased. One of the factors of Canha's best abilities has been his discipline at the plate but his BB% level has been declining since 2021.

Canha's terrible batting average, inability to produce, and average defense make him a player who should be a bench player. With this move, the Mets could use Jeff McNeil in left field, leaving second base to another player with more production.

Mark Canha's role could be that of a bench player to hit for occasional moments against lefties. McNeil has shown the ability to cover the outfield while leaving room for the Mets to consider other run-producing players in the lineup.