5 Mets free agent targets to bolster the bullpen who won't cost a whole lot of money

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The New York Mets entered the offseason with the main target of fixing the areas that were deficient in 2023 and did not allow them to be a competitive team. Among all the things David Stearns should focus more effort on is the bullpen, which was an element that showed inconsistency throughout the season.

The Mets bullpen ranked as the eighth-worst team in the league in ERA among relievers. The team must focus its efforts on trying to get help in free agency, and these five candidates are ideal due to their relationship between the potential they provide and their cost.

Dylan Floro has proven to be a reliable reliever

Former Miami Marlins reliever Dylan Floro has been a capable and reliable reliever over the past four years. During the 2020-2022 period, Floro averaged an ERA below 3.00 and limited the hard-hit contact of his opponents among the best 10% in the entire MLB.

During the 2023 season, Floro presented certain inconsistencies when limiting the production of hits and runs of the opponents, especially in the second half of the season. However, a fact to take into account is that Floro's transfer to the Minnesota Twins affected his performance because Target Field in Minnesota is a stadium where the ball travels more to extra bases than the Miami Marlins stadium.

Regardless of final results in 2023, Floro could be a reliable weapon as a middle reliever in the Mets' bullpen at a relatively low cost, leaving the team with the flexibility to improve in other areas or to add another piece to the bullpen. Floro is an experienced pitcher with knowledge of the National League East Division, who could be a good weapon in the Mets bullpen.