The best trade offer the Mets should make the payroll-slashing Padres for Juan Soto

San Diego Padres v San Francisco Giants
San Diego Padres v San Francisco Giants / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

The New York Mets are in a prioritization phase of strengthening their farm system to be more sustainable. However, when trade opportunities arise for generational players like Juan Soto, any team should consider getting into the fight to acquire him.

A scenario where Soto could be in trading blocks this offseason looks viable after it was published that the Padres would be trying to lower their payroll for next season. Soto, who has a contract through the 2024 season, would be a piece that would generate a considerable return for the Padres.

The Mets must make a good proposal to the Padres for Juan Soto, even if it is not the best on the market

The Mets are in a process of internal strengthening, prioritizing the development of their youngest players and prospects. However, in a scenario where a young superstar like Soto would be available, the Mets should be among the most interested teams.

For this, the Mets should offer young talent, with potential, capable of contributing to the MLB as soon as next season. In this sense, the Mets could offer three players who may not be enough for the Padres' demands but have enough potential to create a serious conversation about it.

Juan Soto trade proposal

In this Mets proposal, the team would try to offer high-impact players in the form of practically two top prospects and a pitcher that many MLB evaluators value for his stuff and potential. Baty is a former top prospect with the ability to be used in left field or first base, a position of need for the Padres. Kevin Parada is a highly talented catcher for the future, while Jarvis could be an elite-level, multi-inning relief option with occasional appearances in the Padres' rotation from 2024.

Although the Mets could wait until Soto was a free agent and pay for him, the fact that teams with the financial capacity and prospects necessary to acquire him, such as the Los Angeles Dodgers or the Boston Red Sox, could tie up Soto for the rest of his career before becoming a free agent.

In this sense, the Mets should not allow a scenario like this and should get into the bidding for Soto even if his offer is not so coveted, waiting for a positive response in this regard. Otherwise, the team would be leading other teams to sacrifice more of their prospects to weaken themselves and wait for Soto to also decide to be a free agent.

There are many likely scenarios for Soto to be a career Mets player, but if he is available for trade, the team should do everything possible to retain him. Soto could be the generational player that the team needs to be competitive in the next ten years.