1 thing to love, 1 thing to dislike about each of the recent free agent signings

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4) What we love and what we don’t like about the Mets signing Brandon Nimmo

How can you not love the addition of Brandon Nimmo back to the Mets? This was the most necessary free agent signing for them to make. There’s a reason why Nimmo was so popular. It had nothing to do with bringing in a television audience from Wyoming.

Center field will be patrolled by Nimmo for at least a few more years. His contract for eight seasons was bold yet necessary to avoid having this major hole on the roster.

We love this addition because we know how much Nimmo has improved in recent seasons. He is now one of the best center fielders in the game. This is said without bias. Look at the numbers. Any of them. He’s among the top at the position on both sides of the ball and one of the game’s best OBP guys.

As far as disliking it, we can worry in seven years when a battered Nimmo is closing in on calling it a career. Eight years is a lot. Nimmo’s history of getting hurt will catch up with him in the latter part of this deal.

Again, let future Mets teams worry about finding a solution. The window to win is so wide open we can smell what the neighbors are cooking.