Mets delivered a deathblow to these 3 teams who could have used Brandon Nimmo

Colorado Rockies v New York Mets
Colorado Rockies v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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Bringing back Brandon Nimmo was the most obvious move for the New York Mets to make. The center field market was dry. Outside of a trade or trying to move Starling Marte there and finding a new right fielder, it didn’t seem like the club had too many options.

Nimmo was an incredibly popular player on the free agent market which is one of the reasons why the Mets had to blow him out of the water with an 8-year deal worth $162 million.

As the dust settles, a few teams are now left scratching their heads as to what they do next. The Mets delivered a deathblow to a couple of clubs when they went above and beyond to retain Nimmo.

1) NY Mets killed the Blue Jays' plan by re-signing Brandon Nimmo

The Toronto Blue Jays were gearing up to bring Nimmo to Canada. Trading Teoscar Hernandez cleared one roster spot for them to move George Springer to the corner and bring in a younger center field option. No dice.

The Blue Jays could have used Nimmo for more than just his center field prowess. Their lineup is so right-handed you’d swear it was built by people who still believe the left hand represents evil. Nimmo could have given their mostly young lineup a spark at the top. Now they’ll need to turn elsewhere to find some more chi in the lineup.

Knowing Nimmo as we do, Toronto didn’t seem to line up so greatly with his beliefs. A change in the country’s vaccination requirements could have put the Blue Jays in a real pickle. We can only speculate about how Nimmo would have felt going to them as he is, fortunately, not outspoken politically. He’s just a happy guy about to get paid a lot more money by the Mets.