Mets free agent contracts: 1 bargain, 1 overpay, and 1 that'll be just right

How will we feel about these Mets free agent deals by the end of 2024?
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Everything in the house owned by the bears in Goldilocks was one extreme or just right. This tends to be the outcome for most events in life. It’s either too hot, too cold, or right where you want it. Free agents signed by the New York Mets this offseason will be no different.

By the end of 2023, which deal will look most like a bargain, which will look like an overpay, and which one will Goldilocks rave about feeling just right?

The Joey Wendle contract will look like a bargain

It’s easy to be a bargain when you’re getting paid $2 million in Major League Baseball. It’s what the Mets signed infielder Joey Wendle for. Although he’ll be in a limited role, outpacing the contract is very possible given the circumstances of the team. Wendle was originally signed to replace Luis Guillorme. However, with the injury to Ronny Mauricio, he may be third base insurance on a far more regular basis.

The defensive abilities of Brett Baty and Mark Vientos are in question. Not so much with Wendle. He’s here for his glove. Anything extra the Mets get from his bat is a huge bonus.

Wendle isn’t too far removed from being a competent major league bat. He hit .300/.354/.435 as a rookie for the 2018 Tampa Bay Rays. In 2021, his season ended with a .265/.319/.422 slash line in addition to a selection to that year’s American League All-Star team.

Wendle hit a career-worst .212/.248/.306 last year with the Miami Marlins which explains the affordable contract. A performance closer to his career slash line of .263/.312/.386 while saving a bunch of runs late in games can easily make him the best bargain the Mets added this offseason.