3 Mets players who definitely won't get traded before Opening Day and 3 who still could

Remove these three from the Mets trade block and keep these other three.
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How likely are the New York Mets to actually trade a player from their 40-man roster? Not just one of those fringe pieces either. A returning player with some sort of value or maybe burdening the payroll.

The Mets haven’t subtracted anyone major from the roster this offseason, but now only one week into January, there’s time for David Stearns to change things around. These six have been talked about plenty in trade rumors or speculation by fans. Three definitely aren’t going anywhere. The other half could still be on the move.

The Mets aren't trading Pete Alonso

Fear not, Mets fans. Pete Alonso is staying in Queens at least a little longer. To turn around and trade him would be the surprise of the century. The Mets may not be attacking the offseason head on. They're still far from tank mode which is the only one they'd be in if Alonso isn't on the roster for Opening Day.

Alonso trade rumors began at last year's deadline and only grew as time went on. A change in the front office only furthered the speculation. Could the Mets actually deal away one of their best players? End the debate now. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to stir up trouble. They probably root for the Yankees anyway.

The regular season will be a far different story for Alonso. If the Mets fall out of the playoff race, he’ll be primed to become one of the top trade deadline chips on the market. As if that isn’t bad enough to deal with, his impending free agency will drive fans up the wall wondering how soon their Alonso jerseys will go from current to the clearance rack.