Former Mets pitcher could follow the Noah Syndergaard path to the Phillies

Championship Series - San Diego Padres v Philadelphia Phillies - Game Four
Championship Series - San Diego Padres v Philadelphia Phillies - Game Four / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Certain pitchers in recent New York Mets history have a lot to say and even more for us to say things about. Social media has helped us get to know players even more and two who’ve embraced the opportunity to let us into their world are Noah Syndergaard and Marcus Stroman.

It’s amazing to think these two ever pitched in the same rotation together with the Mets. It was brief, occurring only in the final weeks of the 2019 season. Both missed all of the shortened 2020 season. Syndergaard only came back for some brief appearances in late 2021 before each departed in free agency.

The pair may have something else in common. As Kade Kistner of Sports Illustrated Fan Nation writes, Stroman is a logical trade target of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Marcus Stroman is a candidate to become a Mets killer down the stretch

If nothing else, Stroman might enjoy a trip to Philadelphia for those final weeks of the 2023 season when the Mets and Phillies face each other in two series; one in Queens and the other in Philly. Stroman took a lot of pride in beating the Mets earlier this year. Delivering a deathblow, even for a Phillies team that received their own prior, would be the icing on the cake for him heading into free agency.

At last year’s trade deadline, the Phillies managed to pick up Syndergaard in a deal with the Los Angeles Angels. The Mets never did get to face him with either of the two clubs he pitched for. Now a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers, he lived up to his current employer’s nickname and found a way to not go against the Mets.

It was a very average 9 start, 1 relief appearance tenure for Syndergaard in the regular season for the Phillies. He went 5-2 with a 4.12 ERA. In the postseason, when they needed him much more, Syndergaard was limited. He worked as a starter and reliever with his biggest game coming against Justin Verlander in the World Series with things knotted up at 2-2. The Houston Astros won 3-2 and the Phillies were on their way to losing.

Stroman would be a much bigger “get” for the Phillies and no doubt a willing participant in any game he is scheduled to face the Mets.

Stroman isn’t just a candidate to get traded to the Phillies. What about the Braves or even the Marlins? The Mets are clinging to dear life right now as those three clubs are currently in a playoff position. Stroman has been one of the league’s top Cy Young contenders. A return to the NL East and onto a contender seems to have a high likelihood.