Mets farm system ranking skyrockets according to Bleacher Report

Aug 8, 2023; Bridgewater, NJ; Mets' new minor league prospect Drew Gilbert is shown at TD Bank
Aug 8, 2023; Bridgewater, NJ; Mets' new minor league prospect Drew Gilbert is shown at TD Bank / Anne-Marie Caruso/ / USA

The New York Mets decided at last season's trade deadline to implement a radical plan, selling their top pitchers to get talent into their farm system, which seems to have been the right decision. According to the latest farm system ranking published by Joel Reuter of Bleacher Report, the Mets would be the fourth-best organization in terms of top prospect talent in the entire MLB.

This would be a significant step forward for the Mets as an organization, which was ranked the No. 11 organization in terms of farm system entering last season, according to MLB Pipeline. The acquisition of Luisangel Acuña, Drew Gilbert, and Ryan Clifford has generated an additional boost in the perception of the current Mets team. Something that has not happened in many years.

The Mets seem to be positioning themselves correctly for the future

Bleacher Report's farm system ranking is not among those recognized in the industry to evaluate this area. However, this publication is still relevant. In terms of perception, the Mets' advancement as an organization with high regard talent makes Steve Cohen's plan to keep the Mets a competitive team year after year possible.

The jump seems excessive in this ranking, taking into account that organizations with high potential prospects, such as the Pittsburg Pirates, Cincinnati Reds, or Los Angeles Dodgers are below the team. In any case, it is to be expected that official rankings such as MLB Pipeline include the Mets in the top 10 and even closer to a top 5 since they kept them in the 11th position in their midseason rankings last season, despite the acquisitions of Luisangel, Gilbert, and Clifford.

Bleacher Report's position could be indicative of the perception within the industry and fans about how the Mets are shaping up in the future. Steve Cohen's organization will be able to see that these efforts have not been in vain, turning the Mets into a powerhouse in the world of baseball in the coming years.