Mets Draft: 1 player they won't get, 1 they will pass on, 1 they will select

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On July 9, the New York Mets, along with the rest of the league's 29 teams, will be holding the 2023 draft. In this edition, the level of depth among the candidates offers several potential impact players in MLB.

The Mets will not take their first pick until Competitive Balance Round A, with number 32 overall dropping ten spots because they exceeded the competitive balance tax threshold by more than $40 million. Regardless of this, the team could have an impact player in this pick, and this time we describe which of them best fits, which the team would like to be able to draft, and who they will end up selecting.

One player the Mets won't get in the first round: Yohandy Morales

The best approach in each draft is to select the best available talent at each pick, regardless of the organization's current need. The product of the University of Miami, third baseman Yohandy Morales meets these conditions for a pick around position 30.

Morales has an intriguing profile. He's an athletic hitter with good bat speed and aggression at the plate who has scouts raving about his ability to drive the ball hard on every contact.

The young man of Cuban descent has a power level of 60 on the 20/80 scale, indicating he is a hitter with above-average power potential in MLB. Despite these qualities, due to his high tendency to chase pitches and his propensity to hit ground balls, scouts do not view him as a top-20 player.

Despite this, Morales can stay at third base because of his arm, which makes him an important target. The Mets would be delighted to land Morales at pick 32, but with his raw power, Yohandy Morales will be selected earlier in the draft.