Pros and cons of the Mets keeping Daniel Vogelbach at DH all year

New York Mets v Detroit Tigers - Game Two
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The New York Mets seem to be in an unexpected freefall in the standings currently, and while there are numerous areas for finger-pointing, there is an interesting case in regards to what the Mets do at DH with Daniel Vogelbach the rest of the year. Vogelbach hasn't been one of the biggest reasons the Mets are currently spiraling, but there are some benefits and consequences for the team should they choose to move forward with him for the rest of the year.

If we start with the pros, plain and simple the 30-year-old Vogelbach is an on-base machine. Vogelbach leads the Mets in on-base percentage, and he is quietly having a quality season to this point for the Mets. The main issue right now is with the majority of the starting lineup in a slump, it's easy to point to Vogelbach's shortcomings for Mets fans as to why there isn't more production out of the lineup.

The Mets have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of having Daniel Vogelbach continue to DH the rest of the season

I believe Vogelbach gives the Mets, as of right now, a consistent bat in the lineup, as he has been one of the Mets' most solid overall hitters, and it would be tough to pull him out of a lineup that seems to be mainly struggling. Vogelbach also finds his way on base more consistently than anybody on the roster. For a team that needs as many runs as it can get right now, Vogelbach could continue to be an asset for a team that struggles to be runners on base.

When you look at some of the cons for keeping Vogelbach at the DH spot through the rest of the season most Mets would agree there's one main issue and that issue is Vogelbach's lack of power. The Mets failed this offseason to acquire a power hitter this winter, for a team that sorely lacked one at the tail end of last season, and those same issues are rearing their ugly head this season.

Vogelbach seems more content sometimes to draw a walk rather than swing the bat as he is one of the more patient hitters in baseball, but the Mets are in a position right now where they need offensive firepower anywhere they can get it. It also doesn't help that the Mets have one of the best overall hitters in AAA in Mark Vientos waiting in the wings, and Vogelbach is currently blocking his way to the big leagues.

Vogelbach ideally doesn't have a positional fit outside the DH position for the Mets and is currently taking at-bats away from Mark Vientos who is as we speak destroying minor-league pitching. I believe Vogelbach would be a tremendous late-inning option off the bench for the Mets, but the DH position should be awarded to a player with a more significant offensive upside like Mark Vientos or someone else outside the organization.

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